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In this guide, we’ll explore two crucial aspects of website localization: translating your theme for a single language and setting up a multi-lingual website. Whether you need a single-language translation or a fully multilingual site, we’ve got you covered.

1. Translating to another language

  • Install Loco Translate: Begin by installing the Loco Translate plugin, available at Loco Translate.
  • Loco Translate documentation: For in-depth guidance, consult the complete documentation at Loco Translate Documentation.

2. Setting up a multi-lingual website

When your website needs to cater to multiple languages, employing a robust multi-lingual plugin is essential. Our themes seamlessly integrate with two leading plugins: WPML and Polylang.

Using WPML:

  • Install WPML: Begin by installing WPML, a premium multi-lingual plugin, from WPML.
  • WPML documentation: Explore detailed instructions and best practices in the WPML Documentation.

WPML allows you to:

  • Translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus, and theme texts.
  • Manage translations effectively with intuitive translation management tools.
  • Empower ordinary WordPress users as Translators, assigning specific translation jobs to them.

Using Polylang:

  • Install Polylang: Install Polylang, a versatile and free multi-lingual plugin, from Polylang.
  • Polylang Documentation: Discover comprehensive guides at Polylang Documentation.

Polylang enables you to:

  • Translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags, custom post types, custom taxonomies, widgets, navigation menus, and URLs.
  • Create languages, add a language switcher, and start translation quickly.
  • Seamlessly handle multilingual SEO, ensuring your site ranks effectively in multiple languages.

By utilizing these plugins, you can transform your WordPress website into a global platform. Whether you’re translating theme strings for a single language or creating a fully multilingual site, these tools provide the flexibility and functionality needed to reach a diverse audience. Happy translating!

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