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Theme options

The Theme Options area provides a wealth of customization options, allowing you to tailor your website’s look and feel effortlessly.

Accessing the Theme Options area

  1. Navigate to your site admin area.
  2. Click on the theme name in the menu.
  3. Switch to the Theme Options tab.

Settings overview

1 Global Options

1.1 General

  • Smooth Scroll: Enhance user experience with a seamless, smooth scrolling effect.
  • Link Effect: Choose hover effects for simple text links.
  • Button Effect: Select hover effects for button elements.

1.2 Integrations

1.3 Back to Top

Enable a back-to-top button with customizable position, color, and style.

2 Layout:

2.1 Header

Choose between relative or sticky header positioning.

2.2 Page Title

  • Enable or disable the Page Title bar.
  • Modify breadcrumbs, text alignment, background color, and section height.

2.3 Page Layout

Choose between full-width or boxed page layout.

Select a normal or bottom sticky position for the footer section.

3 Blog

Configure main blog settings and features for single blog posts. Detailed information is available here.

4 Portfolio

Enable features for the single portfolio page. Detailed information is available here.

5 WooCommerce

Customize main shop page settings and features for single product pages. Detailed information is available here.

6 Utility Pages:

6.1 Maintenance

Create a professional and informative maintenance page during updates or redesigns. Include brief explanations, an estimated completion time, or sneak peeks of upcoming changes.

6.2 Search Page

Adjust settings for the static search page layout.

6.3 404 Page

Modify texts for the static 404 page.

7 Custom CSS/JS

Add site-wide custom CSS or Javascript code. Custom code will be loaded in every page and will overwrite the theme CSS/JS.

8 Import/Export

Easily migrate your site or copy settings using the import/export feature.

Utilize these options judiciously to craft a website tailored to your vision without delving into intricate coding. Happy customizing!

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