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Portfolio widget

In this guide, we’ll walk you through adding a Portfolio widget to your page using Elementor. This widget allows you to showcase your work with ease.

Adding the portfolio widget

Follow the instructions below to insert a Portfolio Grid widget anywhere onto your page canvas.

  1. Begin by editing the desired page using Elementor.
  2. On the left side Widgets panel, locate the Portfolio Grid widget. Drag and drop this widget onto your page canvas.

Configuring the portfolio widget

After adding the portfolio widget, the widget settings panel will appear on the left side. Here, you can customize the appearance of your portfolio.

Portfolio widget settings overview

  • Layout: Choose between Grid and Masonry layouts, depending on your preferred visual style.
  • Aspect Ratio: Select the image aspect ratio to ensure a consistent and appealing display.
  • Columns: Determine the number of columns per row, ranging from 1 to 5, for an organized presentation.
  • Posts per Page: Specify how many portfolio items you want to display on the page, tailoring it to your content needs.
  • Show Filter: Enable this option to display a filter by category, allowing visitors to refine their view.
  • Filter Design: Choose between Boxed and Underline filter styles, aligning with your website’s overall design aesthetic.

Save and preview

Once you’ve configured the widget to your preference, click the Update button in Elementor to save your changes. Preview your page to ensure the portfolio widget appears as intended.

By following these steps and customizing the Portfolio widget settings, you can create an engaging and visually striking portfolio display on your website. This dynamic presentation will captivate your visitors and showcase your work in the best light. Happy designing!

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