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Site setup

Page builder overview and customization tips for headers, footers, and interactive elements.

Page builder

Get started using Elementor with our beginner-friendly guide. Learn how to create, customize, and publish stunning websites without coding. Explore Elementor’s intuitive interface, add widgets, preview your page, and save your work effortlessly. Dive into the world of website building with confidence!

Template library

Create consistent layouts using KeyDesign’s Template Library for Elementor. Access over 600 globally-controlled templates made with flexbox containers. Learn how to use and insert templates onto your pages.

Elementor Site Settings

Customize your site’s design with Elementor’s Site Settings panel. Manage global colors and fonts for a cohesive look. Access the panel via the Elementor Editor, modify colors and fonts conveniently, ensuring consistent design across your website.

Theme options

Customize your website with Theme Options, accessible through your site admin area. Tailor your site’s appearance, including smooth scrolling effects, header and footer styles, blog and portfolio configurations, and even custom CSS/JS integration. Craft your website’s look without complex coding.

Creating website header

Learn how to customize your website’s header. Dive into Elementor’s powerful header builder, edit imported headers, create new ones from scratch, and access global and page-level customization settings for your site header.

Creating website footer

Learn how to customize your website’s footer effortlessly with Elementor. Modify imported footers or create new ones from scratch. Access global and page-level customization settings, including position and sticky options.

Mega menu builder

Create a mega menu using the Elementor builder with these straightforward steps. Define your menu, add items, and customize the content using Elementor. Organize your website’s menu structure seamlessly.

Popup & off-canvas builder

Learn to create engaging popups and off-canvas windows. Utilize the Popup Modal widget in Elementor with simple customization steps. Effectively convey crucial information and boost conversions.