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How to

Step-by-step guides on updates, translations, and optimization.

Update the theme

A step-by-step guide on enabling auto updates for KeyDesign’s premium WordPress themes. Learn the simple process to keep your website secure and up-to-date automatically, ensuring smooth functionality and peace of mind.

Update the required plugins

Discover the essential plugins powering our themes: KeyDesign Framework, Elementor, ElementsKit Lite, and ElementsKit Pro. Learn the seamless process of updating these plugins via your WordPress admin. Keep your website secure and functional with regular plugin updates.

Install the child theme

Learn the importance of WordPress child themes and how to install them effortlessly. Safeguard your customizations from theme updates and expedite development. Follow a straightforward process to ensure your website’s stability and customization integrity.


Learn to translate your theme for a single language or set up a multi-lingual site effortlessly. Whether it’s a single-language translation or a complex multi-lingual setup, we provide clear steps and recommended plugins for your website’s global reach.

Speed up your website

Boost your website’s speed with our comprehensive guide. From choosing the right hosting provider to optimizing images and enabling caching, we cover essential steps for a high-performing WordPress site. Follow these clear instructions to ensure swift loading times.

Using Adobe Typekit Fonts

Discover the seamless integration of Adobe Fonts into your KeyDesign WordPress theme. This guide walks you through generating a unique Project ID on Adobe Fonts and effortlessly integrating premium fonts into your website.

Generate a Google Maps API key

Learn how to easily generate your own Google Maps API key. Our guide walks you through the simple steps to get your key, allowing you to integrate Google Maps smoothly into your website.

Install Google Analytics

Easily integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress site using two straightforward methods. Follow simple steps to enhance your website’s insights and monitor user behavior effectively. Choose between a plugin or adding code via a theme hook to get started.

Install Meta Pixel

Integrate Meta Pixel with your WordPress site using two simple methods. Follow clear steps to track user interactions and optimize your Facebook ads seamlessly. Choose between a plugin or adding code via the theme’s functions.php to get started.

Install and configure bbPress

Learn how to set up your new bbPress-powered site with clear step-by-step instructions. Install and configure bbPress, import forums from other solutions, and customize settings for optimal functionality.

Flush rewrite rules

If you face an ‘Error 404’ on existing pages, it’s likely time to flush rewrite rules. Head to your site admin area -> Settings -> Permalinks and click ‘Save Changes’ to refresh the permalinks cache.